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# Countdown to Football 08/09!

Hello f-list. :) I've been meaning to do a countdown to the new season kickoff but I keep forgetting and after watching Arsenal-Barnet, I realised it's unbearable a wait to the new season after seeing how we played in our first pre-season match. So, I thought we could all countdown together to make this wait bearable with a massive comment-pic-spam!

You can post your favourite Arsenal moments/players in pictorial/videos/gifs form or basically, any Arsenal pictures at all to this entry for all to see or reminisce! I mean, what's better than to look at pictures of the boys from last season or last last season or any other season again right? XD

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Let's get the pictures rolling! POST POST POST!

Note: I'll keep this entry public and at the top of my journal, so you guys can keep posting! :) Thanks xlouder_now for your support on this entry! *hugs*